How do you get your Team back? Talk about it. Empower it. Build it.


Dear Classroom Whisperer:

I’m a second year elementary Principal in Minnesota and my team chemistry is low. I’m aware of a lot of gossip and tension, and I rarely see any smiles or positive interactions from table to table when I go into the teacher’s lounge. I’m concerned my kiddos are feeling this as well and would like to know if you have some ideas that can help us get back on track in August.

Mrs. X., Concerned in St. Cloud

Dear Mrs. X, Concerned in St. Cloud:

I see the same problem popping up in schools more and more and I believe it about frustration. Teachers aren’t getting to do what they love to do as much as they’d like to. They’re overwhelmed by paperwork, behavior issues and standards and they have little left for each other.

How do you get it back?

Talk about it. Empower it. Build it. 

  • Make TEAM item #1 at every staff meeting next fall by opening up the floor for a few minutes and talking about it.
  • Empower TEAM by listening to what they need and working with them to make it happen.
  • Build TEAM with PD choices, committee assignments & sharing ownership of requested schoolwide project.

I played sports all my life and the greatest teams I was on had 3 things in common: We talked about what we needed to do, we came up with a plan to do it and we worked our plan.

Creating this kind of platform for your team next Fall should help them come together and help you make year 3 the best ever. Thanks so much for your question and for all you do everyday to give our kids the skills they need to really succeed. Have a great Summer!

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